Q & A on Hypnosis

About Hypnosis:

Your conscious mind only retains about 10% of your memory. Your subconscious mind records every thought, feeling, belief, and memory you have ever experienced. In your formative years, your subconscious was programmed with beliefs and thoughts through events in your life, your family, and your friends. Hypnosis reaches your subconscious mind enabling you to change your perception to benefit you – releasing limiting beliefs from the past and gain more control over your life.

When you are wide awake your brain wave activity is in the Beta state. During hypnosis your brain wave activity reaches the Alpha state when you are awake but very relaxed and have a sense of focused attention......Then deeper into Theta when you are in a meaningful state of creative visualization.

What is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy, is a relaxed state in which you achieve heightened mental focus and concentration. The use of verbal suggestions and mental images are used to help you gain control over negative behavior patterns, help you cope better with worry and apprehensions, and assist you in achieving goals.


When you're in hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and are more open to suggestions. It is important to know that although you're more open to suggestions during hypnosis, you do not lose control over your behavior or your thoughts. As a matter of fact, hypnosis helps you to gain control over whatever issues may have been on your mind.

Can anyone be hypnotized? 

Anyone with normal intelligence can be hypnotized.

Will I be in a trance during hypnosis? There are various levels of hypnotic trance where the brain waves slow down. The most common level is similar to the state you reach just before you fall asleep at night. You are very relaxed, but you can still hear everything that is going on around you, and your subconscious mind becomes very receptive to positive suggestions.


When you are wide awake your brain wave activity is in the Beta state. When you are in a light state of hypnosis your brain activity is in the Alpha state, and a deeper state of hypnosis is the Theta state. When you are in a deep sleep, your brain activity has entered the Delta state.

Can I be forced to do anything I don’t want to do? 

Absolutely not! You cannot be made to do anything that is against your will or that is contrary to your morals or beliefs.

Will post-hypnotic suggestions last forever? 

No, they will last only as long as is the time limit set by the hypnotist or until it is bombarded by internal thoughts or external stimulus. For example, if it is set for a determined amount of time or for when a goal is achieved, it will end when that time frame or goal is complete. Or if you do not wish to continue the post-hypnotic suggestion, it will stop. Or if something or someone gives you reason to discontinue the post-hypnotic suggestion, it will terminate.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis? 

No, if you are listening to a self hypnosis recording and don’t reach full wakefulness after the hypnosis session, you will likely just fall asleep and take a short nap, then awaken refreshed.

If I fall sound asleep during a hypnosis session or while listening to a self-hypnosis recording, will I still get the benefits? 

There is a state of deeper trance level when your mind may wander or you may temporarily drift off, but you are still hearing the positive suggestions. However, if you fall sound asleep, the likelihood of your hearing the suggestions is diminished. If you’re listening to a recording and fall sound asleep, just repeat it when you are more awake. If you’re in a session with a hypnotist, he or she will make sure you are still in a receptive state.

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